The intention of Sacred Wisdom Circle Institute (SWCI) is to allow Medicine People and Spiritual Leaders to pass on their elder-knowledge to a new generation, as well as to create a collective tribal community. Enroll Now

The intention of Sacred Wisdom Circle Institute (SWCI) is to allow Medicine People and Spiritual Leaders to pass on their elder-knowledge to a new generation, as well as to create a collective tribal community. Enroll Now

About SWCI

The intention of Sacred Wisdom Circle Institute (SWCI) is to allow Medicine People and Spiritual Leaders from various organizations/tribes to pass on their elder-knowledge to a new generation, as well as to create a collective tribal community.  For those seeking to become a Medicine Person, spiritual leader or to strengthen your connection to spirit and begin or continue your transformational path, SWCI is inviting you to join us.

SWCI offers a Medicine Person Certification program that will allow you to hold ceremony as you feel called when ready. Read more about the requirements for this certificate below.

After decades of walking the Red Road a group of us formed The Sacred Wisdom Circle Institute (SWCI) and created Sacred Wisdom Circles (SWC), our many associated Teachings, and the Medicine Person Certification Program as a way of providing knowledge to those seeking this path and a better way of life, as well as to assure these ways are passed on & that the earth-based spiritual organizations’ members have access to knowledgeable Medicine People .

We have found that many on the Red Road have struggled to walk this path and are seeking guidance and direction. The programs that SWCI have formed are designed to help anyone to be able find the information needed to be able to walk this Righteous Red Road in a good way. Even if you cannot attend a ceremony locally or travel to one of our Teachings, our online home study correspondence program is designed such that you can study from the comfort of your own home or nearly anywhere.

Sacred Wisdom Circle Institute Teachings

Sacred Wisdom Circles are week-long seasonal gatherings in Natural Sacred Space and are  limited to 24 individuals, as well as the SWCI Leadership & facilitators. The intention of these Circles is to celebrate, empower and Teach those individuals seeking a spiritual path of transformational healing and empowerment as Medicine People.  While anyone can attend these Circles, priority is given to those seeking certification.

As we know that not everyone has the interest, time or resources to attend four separate week-long trainings, and to serve as Medicine People, The Sacred Wisdom Circle Institute also has weekend, distance (such as our highly revered year-long, online 13th Moon program) and other learning options such as Vision Quest, which are appropriate for the general community.

Click below to learn more about our Medicine Person Certification, the Sacred Wisdom Circles, Vision Quest, and our online teachings such as the 13th Moon Program.


SWCI is unique in that we don’t only teach one tradition, but instead provide you with a holistic and complete set of Teachings. We teach both Lakota and Seminole spirituality, but we also teach breathwork, meditation, bodywork, Plant Medicines, Akashic Records and many other skills. Together, our Elders and Facilitators have many centuries of experience for you to learn from. Our goal is to provide a complete set of tools for you to choose from and work with, so that your own healing and the healing of those you work with will be complete. We have gone to great lengths to minimize the cost of our program and still be able to provide you with comprehensive and powerful Teachings which will thoroughly prepare you on the Red Road and for any situation you may encounter.

Medicine Person Certification

Choosing to become a Medicine Person with Sacred Wisdom Circle Institute (SWCI) is a lifelong commitment of service to the community.

Please note that even after obtaining the SWCI Medicine Person Certificate, one must seek a Medicine Person card directly from an NAC or other earth-based spiritual organization and not SWCI.

As well, Medicine People should only facilitate those ceremonies which they are completely familiar with and can confidently perform their duties.

Furthermore, Medicine People must uphold the Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics at all times.

The Medicine Person Certification Program requires completion of the following:

Complete the first year of the 52-week, online 13th Moon program, as well as year two – Roots (all exercises completed and submitted to SWCI)

Attend Four Sacred Wisdom Circles, one in each of the four directions (Spring, Summer Fall & Winter),

Completion of Vision Quest

As well, mentoring and other work may be required at the suggestion of the trainees mentor.

Some individuals who have done extensive work with other Elders or institutions may, on a case-by-case basis be eligible to forego a Circle or other requirement, if granted permission by the program coordinators.

The requirements can be completed in a single year or over many years, as the path is yours to walk.

Sacred Wisdom Circle Institute, Organization & Facilitators

Team members have lived and trained for many decades as Medicine People, healers and facilitators and are actively healing from their own life challenges.

Medicine people have worked with many different organizations providing their skills and ceremony, including:

  • Drug /alcohol rehabilitation counselors in the prison system
  • Job/employment rehab
  • Medical/therapeutic settings; Schools; Drug/alcohol treatment
  • Supporting Indigenous Elders
  • Social Services

Linda “Shehymn” Stone (Founder of SWCI, Prior ONAC Director of Matriarchal Circle, Elder Medicine Woman and retired Social Worker)

We are highly skilled in:

  • Therapeutic recreation.
  • Daily living and social skills.
  • High risk and crisis/grief case management.
  • Assessment and programming for groups and individual.
  • Breath and body-work.
  • Indigenous and earth-based spiritual ways.

Gentle Eagle Stone (Sundancer, Inipi, Hanblecheyapi, as well as Sacred Plant Medicines): Gentle Eagle is a Sun Dancer and Medicine Person who learned from Martin High Bear, Fred Wahpepah and James “Flaming Eagle” Mooney. He has been participating in ceremony for 49 years.

Steve “Sun Serpent Walking” Thomas (Medicine Man, Elder)

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