The Thirteenth Moon Enroll Now A Year’s Journey Of Initiation Around The Sacred Wheel

The Thirteenth Moon Enroll Now A Year’s Journey Of Initiation Around The Sacred Wheel

Walking The Sacred Wheel

THE THIRTEENTH MOON is a year-long distance learning Teaching provided by The Sacred Wisdom Circle Institute (SWCI). The program consists of weekly readings, homework activities (exercises, including mini-ceremonies) and regular (weekly to semi-weekly) call-ins. The call in is designed to allow you to hear the Medicine Person discussing the scheduled information provided in the literature for that weeks’ Teaching and to allow participants to ask questions. The calls are recorded and all participants in the Circle will have access to the recordings anytime and as often as they want for as long as they are registered in the program. As well, all of the literature provided by Sacred Wisdom Circle Institute (SWCI) will be available to all participants for as long as they are registered for the program. Of course, anything that you learn and take away from these Teachings will be a part of you for a lifetime and we hope you share what you learn with the world.


Stepping into the Center

The energy of the Thirteenth Moon is that of moving from the circumference of the wheel into the center. This is a very powerful step on the spiritual journey, and it has many ramifications. When we traverse, or explore the energy of, the outer directions and elements of the wheel, we are in a state of seeking to know that which is around us. We seek to fully understand and appreciate the landscape of our universe and are working with energies on the horizontal plane. It is necessary to fully appreciate this plane so that we have its support and guidance when we make the step into the center, and it is crucial that we know how and are able to call for support from the horizontal plane as we move into the next step on the Path: stepping into the center. With this step, we move into the energy of the center pillar, or world tree . The energy of the hollow bone is so powerful that if we make this move without the support of the outer realm, we become unbalanced and therefore fail.

Examples of exercises covered during your journey with The Thirteenth Moon (Weeks 1-4)

Introductory Lessons
  • Exercise 1 – Purification and Cleansing: Smudging and Sweeping                                  
    • Making a Smudge Fan and Spirit Feather and Feather Care
    • A Word About Spirit Objects
    • A Spirit Feather
  • Exercises 2 through 7 – Observation and Journaling
  • Exercise 8 – Centering
  • Exercise 9 – Grounding
  • Exercise 10 – Grounding and Centering
  • Exercise 11 – Creating Altars
  • Exercise 12 – Calling in and Releasing the Directions
  • Exercise 13 – Expanding Your Senses Practice Journal
  • Exercise 14 – The Sacred Circle:
    • Entering a Sacred Circle
    • Working Within It
    • Leaving Spiritual Perspectives

Examples of seasonal Teachings completed during your journey with The Thirteenth Moon (weeks 5-52)

East Gate

East Gate - The Way Of The Visionary
  • Introduction
  • The Aspects of the East Gate: Illumination and Enlightenment,
  • The Way of the Visionary
  • A Note About Emotional Experience and Expression
  • Deeper Levels of Truth: Exploring Edges
East Gate – Budding of the Trees Moon

Discovering the Living Tree

Week 1

  • Vernal Equinox
  • Spiritual Duty
  • Right Speech, Right Thought, Right Action, Right Relationship
  • Birth Scripts

Exercise 1 – A Mayan Vernal Equinox Solar Ceremony

Week 2

  • Unto the Seventh Generation and Creativity
  • Change and Choice
  • The Bowl of Your Creation
  • Intention to Change
  • Alignment for Change
  • Surrender to Change
  • First Steps for Change

Exercise 2 – Obtaining Alignment for Change

Exercise 3 – Making Prayer Ties, Sticks, and Flags

Week 3

  • Vision Quest
  • Intentionality: The Importance of Clarity of Intention
  • Service
  • Crying for a Vision
  • Men’s Warrior Quest and Women’s Healing Quest
  • A Special Note About Moon Times for Women
  • Being Naked

Exercise 4 – A Medicine Walk

Week 4

  • The Vision Quest Continues
  • The Severance
  • The Death Lodge
  • The Liminal Time
  • The Stage of Transformation
  • The Incorporation
  • The Emergence
  • Medicine Name Reunion
  • The Vision Quest as Metaphor

Exercise 5 – Vision Quest Metaphor

  • Questions and Mentoring
East Gate – Frogs Returning Moon

Mending the Sacred Hoop

Week 1

  • The Web of Power

Exercise 1 – The Web of Power:  Working With Your Spirit Body and Recognizing Connections

Exercise 2 – Walking Meditation

Week 2

  • Right Relationship

Exercise 3 – Right Relationship: Ending Hidden Agendas, Manipulations, and Abuse

Week 3

  • Sacred Sight
  • Personal Clarity and the Ability to “See”

Exercise 4 – A Light of Clarity Quest (Examining intentions)

Exercise 5 –Sacred Sight (Seeing beyond objects to the spaces between)

Exercise 6 –Sight (Sensing a 360-degree picture of what surrounds you)

Week 4

  • The Elements and the Directions
  • Fire

Exercise 7 – Being in Relationship to Fire

  • Questions and Mentoring
East Gate – Planting Moon

Making Your Own Medicine

Week 1

  • The Spiritual Quest Visioning

Exercise 1 – A Path Map: A Story Cloth Like a “Winter Count” of the Plains Indians

Week 2

  • Nature Power and Spirit Helpers
  • A Word About Meat and Eating Animals for Food
  • Seeking Totems Bells and Tones

Exercise 2 – Journeying: Instructions and a Sample Journey

Exercise 3 – Making Your Spirit Bag

Week 3

  • Releasing and Transforming Magnetization

Exercise 4 – The Inner Fire: Probing for Deeper Levels of Self-Truth

Exercise 5 – The Cleansing Flame: A Clearing Process

Exercise 6 – Mirror Practice: Using a Mirror to Effect Change

Exercise 7 – Planting Seed as a Give-Away: Replanting Endangered Indigenous Plant Species

Week 4

  • Making Your Own Medicine

Exercise 8 – The Sacred Flow That Supports Us: Recognizing Our Connections to All There Is

  • Questions and Mentoring

South Gate

South Gate – The Way Of The Healer
  • Introduction
  • Exploring the Physical Realm: What It Means to Be an Embodied Spirit
  • Embodiment
  • The Heyoka, Divine Fools, Contraries, Tricksters, and Clowns
  • A Word about Heyoka and the Lakota Tradition
  • Honoring the Earth’s Seasonal Rhythms Through Festival and Ceremony
  • Holy Days of the Wheel of the Year Chart
South Gate – Bright Sun Moon

Owning the Web of Creation

Week 1

  • The Summer Solstice
  • The Gayatri
  • A Hollow Bone
  • Becoming a Hollow Bone (Emptying your vessel)

Week 2

  • Balance and Control Receiving
  • Balancing the Body

Exercise 2 – Physical Practice in Balance of the Physical Body

Exercise 3 – Balance Walk: More Physical Practice in Balance

Exercise 4 – Balance Through Journeying Using a Guided Journey

Week 3

  • Sacred Cycles: Being Present

Exercise 5 – Practice in Being Present

Week 4

  • Developing Neutrality
  • Meditation and a Method of Going into Silence
  • Guided Meditations

Exercise 6 – Sun Meditation: A Guided Meditation to Attune to the Inner Being of the Sun

  • Questions and Mentoring
South Gate – Ripe Land Moon

Speaking from the Heart

Week 1

  • Sacred Path Calendar
  • The Four Fire Festivals

Exercise 1 – Creating a Celebration of Lammas, August 1

Exercise 2 –More Work with the Sacred Path Calendar

Week 2

  • First and Second Attention
  • Environmental Sabbaths and Earth-Honoring Services

Exercise 3 – Earth Sabbath Service

Week 3

  • Seven Wheels of Power (The chakras)

Exercise 4 – Toning the Chakras

Week 4

  • Nature Altars and Ceremonial Spaces

Exercise 5a – Visit to a Sacred Site or Power Center and Creating a Nature Altar

Exercise 5b – Find a Natural Power Center in Your Own Area

  • Questions and Mentoring
South Gate – Harvest Moon

Weaving the Community Web

Week 1

  • Earth-Honoring Spirituality and Right Relationship with Nature: The Community Web

Exercise 1 – Earth Community (Reflecting on the idea of Community in your life)

Exercise 2 – Earth Communion (Maintaining Sacred Relationship with the Natural World)

Week 2

  • Stone People, the Sacred Medicine Wheel, and Other Stone Circles of the Mineral World
  • Constructing a Personal Wheel

Exercise 3 – Construction of a Personal Wheel

Exercise 4 – Making a Sticks and Stones Balance Bundle

Week 3

  • Ways of Working with Wheels

Exercise 5 – Continued Work with Your Personal Wheel

Week 4

  • The Drum
  • Coyote, Trickster, Heyoka, and the Sacred Clown: Animals of the South

Exercise 6 – Journey to Find a Helper Animal

  • Questions and Mentoring

West Gate

West Gate – Way Of The Spiritual Teacher
  • Introduction
  • Transformation and the Way of the Spiritual Teacher
  • Fall Equinox
West Gate – Migration Moon

Navigating the Web of Chaos

Week 1

  • Transformation

Exercise 1 – Standing Meditation

Exercise 2 – State of Transformation: Exploring States of Transformation Through Sleep

Week 2

  • Mirrors
  • Shadows

Exercise 3 – Shadows and Silence: Being Aware of Space Around Objects and Sound

Exercise 4 – Mirror Work: Watching our Mirror Talk

Week 3

  • Enemies and Evil
  • Releasing Negative Beings
  • Appropriate Destruction

Exercise 5 – Transformation Through Changing Patterns: Consciously Changing a Habit or Pattern

Exercise 6 – Releasing Beliefs That No Longer Serve

Exercise 7 – A Ceremony for Releasing Negative Beings                                                                                                                                                     

Week 4

  • Attunement
  • Shape Changing
  • Salmon Boy: A Teaching Story

Exercise 8 – Death as a Teacher: Exploring What Death Has to Teach Us

Exercise 9 – Attunement: Meditation by Turning Outward

  • Questions and Mentoring
West Gate – Frost and Freeze Moon

Traveling the Symbolic Landscape

Week 1

  • Doorway to the Divine
  • Sacred

Exercise 1 – Finding Your Wotai  Stone

Exercise 2 – Ceremony with the Moon: Connecting with the Great Sacred Feminine

Week 2

  • The Sacred Marriage
  • The Outer Marriage
  • The Bowl of Relationship

Exercise 3 – Making a Medicine Bundle

Exercise 4 – Making a Snake Bundle: To Move Away

Week 3

  • Names: A Spirit or Medicine Name
  • Being with Bear

Exercise 5 – Calling to Yourself: Finding Your Real Name

Exercise 6 – A Ceremony for Taking a New Name

Exercise 7 – Numerology

Week 4

  • Fasting
  • Sacred Dreaming

Exercise 8 – Fasting

Exercise 9 – Keeping a Dream Log

Exercise 10 – Calling Your Dream Spirits: Asking Dream Allies for Help

  • Questions and Mentoring
West Gate – Snowy Moon

Journey of the Wheel

Week 1

  • Story
  • Beliefs Change
  • Mindsets and the Spirit of Open Inquiry

Exercise 1 – Your Story Doll: The Truth Teller

Exercise 2 – The Ceremony to Find Truth: Connecting with the Key Principles of your Sacred Story

Week 2

  • The Waters of Forgiveness

Exercise 3 – A Forgiveness Ritual

Week 3

  • The Element of Water in Spiritual Practice
  • Other Liquids and Misunderstanding of Their Use

Exercise 4 – Reality Shifts Through Changing Habitual Patterns: More Practice

Exercise 5 – Your Medicine Blanket

Week 4

  • The Spiritual Warrior

Exercise 6 – Walking the Wheel of Relatedness: Exploring Relatedness with Other Sentient Beings

  • Questions and Mentoring

North Gate

North Gate – Way Of The Teacher
  • Introduction
  • The North Gate: Taking Responsibility
  • Animals of the North
  • Winter Solstice
North Gate – Deep Sleep Moon

Claiming the Shield of Power

Week 1

  • The Staff of Power
  • North Shadows
  • Entitlement and Control Issues

Exercise 1 – Sitting in the Dark: Honoring the Dark Before Calling in the Light

Exercise 2 – Your Medicine Staff

Exercise 3 – Teacher/Leader Shadow Inventory: Explore the Shadow Aspects

Week 2

  • The Stars and Beyond Force and Form

Exercise 4 – Walking the Spiral: An Ancient Initiatory Practice

Week 3

  • The Sacred Pipe

Exercise 5 – The Ceremony of Wisdom

Week 4

  • Finding Your Place on the Sacred Wheel
  • Air and Breath

Exercise 6 – Sitting in Your Hoop of Power: Exploring Sacred Space and Your Center of Power

  • Questions and Mentoring
North Gate – Renewal Moon

Navigating the Path of Service

Week 1

  • The Random Bell
  • Sacred Service: Acts of Beauty on a Blessing Way
  • Some Ways to Measure True Service
  • Some Benefits of Spiritual Service
  • How to Know When You Are Out of Balance with Service

Exercise 1 – Sacred Service

Week 2

  • Imbolc or Candlemas: Calling to Your Wholeness

Exercise 2 – Imbolc

Week 3Crystal Medicine

  • Rattles: Callers of Sky Beings
  • A Word About Sacred Tools and Medicine Objects
  • A Word About Traditional Spirit Objects
  • A Final Word

Exercise 3 – Your Medicine Rattle

Exercise 4 – Blessing, Dedicating, and Infusing:  Feeding Your Spirit Objects

Exercise 5 – Meditation with Your Rattle

Week 4

  • The Realm of the Ancestors

Exercise 6 – Finding Your Ancestral Teachers

  • Questions and Mentoring
North Gate – Big Windy Moon

Telling the Sacred Story

Week 1

  • Sacred Story and Receiving the Teachings of Impeccability
  • Personal Power and Empowerment
  • Impeccability
  • Wisdom with Impeccability

Exercise 1 – A Survey of Our Energy Expenditures

Week 2

  • The Internal Monologue and Sacred Story
  • How the Internal Monologue Developed
  • The Neutral Observer
  • Contact: The First Four Minutes
  • The Unconscious Monologue
  • The Ego as the Owner of the Monologue

Exercise 2 – The Neutral Observer

Exercise 3 – The Story That Must Be Told

Week 3

  • The Sound of the Sacred Story
  • Sounds, Intentions, Harmonies, and Your Authentic Voice

Exercise 4 – Blessing

Week 4

  • Freeing Your Natural Voice and Praying Out Loud
  • Power Songs and Singing in Ceremony
  • Leaving the North

Exercise 5 – Your Natural Voice

Exercise 6 Your Sacred Song

The cost to register for THE THIRTEENTH MOON is $25 for the introductory lessons (1-4) and then $50/month for 12 more months (48 lessons grouped 4 per Moon) or a single payment of $550 for the entire year. *Save $75 on the normal annual cost of registration.

Please ask us about our Scholarship Program is you are on a fixed (or have had no) income for the past year.

Invocation Blessing Song

Behold Great Mystery, Creative Force, Spirit That Moves Through All. We call to the Seven Directions of the Sacred Wheel.

We turn to the Keepers of the East, direction of the new beginnings, of inspirations, illumination and creativity, of the dawn and Spring, new births, and childhood. Be with us, teach us, show us your ways.

We call to the Keepers of the South, direction of vitality, of high noon and hot sun, of Summer and the vigorous growth of youth and passion. Be with us, teach us, show us your ways.

We invite the Keepers of the West, direction of introspection, of the evening, of autumn and maturity, deepening and ripening. Be with us, teach us, show us your ways.

We respectfully summon the Keepers of the North, direction of night, of Winter, of Wisdom and transformation, of dropping inessentials to reveal the core. Be with us, teach us, show us your ways.

We look up to the sky and call to the beings of the sun, the moon, the clouds, the stars, and the endless blue, and we ask that you bring your spaciousness and mystery to this work. Be with us, teach us, show us your ways.

We put our hands on the ground and ask that the great substance of the earth give grounding to the work and that the Earth’s beauties give it beauty. That the entire world—the animals and plants and rocks; mountains, rivers, and seas; the elemental forces of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water—and all the human beings: elders, children, and teachers; red, yellow, black, and white. Be with us, teach us, show us your ways.

We call to the Sweet Mystery  that is the Sacred Center to hold us and cradle us in your divine protection . Be with us, teach us, show us your ways.

We claim this work to serve, to bless, and to share knowledge for wisdom building and for bringing wholeness to our hearts and to our world.

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