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Long ago, and immediately after our first parents were placed on this earth, the Creator (Great Spirit) provided sacred ceremonies for them because they had a mist brought over their minds that clouded their memories. The purposes of these ceremonies were, and still are to assist two-leggeds, also known as human beings, to re-remember their godly ancestry, and to encourage following the promptings of their hearts, the Great Spirit’s direct communication modality.

All of the following ceremonies remain with us today due to the courage and tenaciousness of our indigenous ancestors and their descendant’s refusal to relinquish their ancient teachings to ‘prideful’ and ‘greedy’ influences. These influences have sought throughout human history to destroy or marginalize the practicing of these ceremonies.

Thirteenth Moon Registration


The 13th Moon distance training is now online. This multi-year program will provide you all of the basic knowledge you need to walk the Red Road and be fully prepared in Ceremony and Sacred Wisdom Circle.

Registering for this program also allows you to join our 13th Moon Facebook group as well as join our weekly online conference calls.

The First Introductory Lesson is made available when you sign up for our newsletter. Choose the “FIRST LESSON FREE” button below.

Completed the first lesson and want to see more, but aren’t quite ready to commit to the full year?  You can register for the first four Introductory lessons with a contribution of $50, choose the second button below “FOUR INTRO LESSONS“. These lessons are self-paced.

Choose the fourth button below “FULL 13th MOON” to make a one-time contribution of $500  and receive access to all 52 lessons with a new lesson available to you every week (the first 4 intro lessons are self-paced).

Finally, for those who have completed year one of the program, you can now register for year two of the program (Roots) by choosing the Year Two – Roots button below.

Inquire about our scholarship contribution for those with limited resources or on a fixed income by emailing us here.

The 13th Moon Program is by far the most comprehensive course in Native Spirituality. This program is awesome!

– Sarunas Sliesoraitis, DO, PharmD

Healing Ceremonies Registration

Sacred Wisdom Circles Institute (SWCI) has been one of the most positively influential aspects of my life!

Sacred Wisdom Circle Registration

The Sacred Wisdom Circle Institute Medicine People are caretakers of the soul and I feel deeply seen by them. I am forever grateful for the wisdom and support I’m receiving from SWCI!

Vision Quest Registration

I loved everything from the vision quest. The facilitators, the food, sweat lodge, connections made. It was perfect for me!

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